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nuckle is the ultimate boutique fitness facility in Newstead. It’s specifically set up for large group classes (up to 30 people) and personal training.

We don’t profess to be all things to all (fitness) people. Too many trainers do. If your thing is to pull a 500kg deadlift or run the world’s first 2-hour marathon you probably need a management team, sponsorship and a daily physio at your side.

But if you’re looking to shred weight (lots of it) and build a leaner, stronger physique, nuckle is where you might just start. When your current training has plateaued, or you’re looking for something to compliment it we might just have a few inspiring ideas. We’re known for the ‘unknown’.

Our 1-on-1 targeted training is built upon accountability and goal-setting. The methods we undertake are demanding both physically and mentally. Our customised programming is on-point and tailored to your needs. All we ask is a high level of commitment and consistency. Get up, get dressed and turn up! If you’re desperate for change, you’ll need to be just as desperate to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle, eating and training habits.

Our coaches are next-level. They provide the empowerment and support. They’re absolute experts at it… Rock Star coaches. We work by the mantra ‘Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully’. We all walk-the-walk and live daily by what we preach. We’re genuine, approachable people who are highly qualified and extremely professional.

When you join our tribe, you’re getting more than just a membership, you become an integral part of our fitness family. Whether it be in group training, or private PT… our cornerstone to better quality of life through fitness is a seamless nuckle support system.

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Phone0458 682 553
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  • Monday - Thursday5:00am-7:00pm
  • Friday5:00am-2:30pm
  • Saturday5:00am-12:00pm
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